Short Biography of Stephanos PnevmatikosSt.Pnevmatikos

Stephanos Pnevmatikos was born on June 18th 1957 in Pireaus, Greece. He spent most of his early years in Athens as well as in various cities in Macedonia in Northen Greece. He did his undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of Athens and subsequently, sponsored through a fellowship of the French government, he went to the University of Burgundy in France for his graduate studies. He received his Ph.D. in 1982.

During the period after receiving his Ph.D. degree and the time of his premature death on November 27, 1990, Stephanos had been extremely active in Nonlinear Physics at an International level. He taught in Dijon for two years (1982-84) before returning to Greece and becoming a researcher at the recently established Research Center of Crete (now FORTH : Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas). He also taught at the Physics Department of the University of Crete. Stephanos was the major force behind the development of a Computational Center in Crete, a series of annual Nonlinear Physics Schools in Greece, organizer of major International conferences as well as an important pole of attraction for younger student from Greece and elsewhere.

He made a number of very important contributions in Nonlinear Physics among them in the theories of soliton dynamical properties in hydrogen-bounded systems, Josephson Junctions and molecular solids.